Brainpower & Context.

We bring strategy informed by the context you live and breathe. 

  • Goal Definition – Step zero to hitting your mark? A clear goal. We can take you from an idea to a built-out plan with clear goals and success metrics so you’re ready to hit the ground running. Bring us your growth campaign that lacks focus or your fledgling organization that could do it all but needs some guardrails. 

  • Policy Consulting –  Bring us your policy problems! Whether it’s a health tax credit idea that needs lawmaker buy-in or a controversial bill you need to manage, we bring stakeholders to the table, identify and solve problems in the legislation, and help you gain the support of the public. While the majority of our focus has been on social policy, our scope is always widening.

  • Political Consulting – Do you find your work intersecting the political world? Or are you an elected official? Whatever your professional title, add us to your team to strengthen your relationships, identify pitfalls before they catch you off guard, keep you informed of political developments, and help you navigate the ever-changing dynamics.

  • Public Affairs – We offer the full spectrum of public affairs services to nonprofits, mission-driven companies, policy advocates, elected officials, and political candidates. Need public buy-in? We help you get it. Need to put outside pressure on those with influence? We’ll rally the troops.

  • Strategic Consulting Coming into a room of entrepreneurs or nonprofit leaders with big dreams gives us life. Whether it’s a new dream or project to take your impact to the next level or an established dream that has lost steam, you need mission clarity and a plan. We provide brainstorming, strategic analysis, organizational plans, ongoing consulting, and more.






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