We Are Resolute.

Our values

respect for human life,

the centrality of faith,

the power of family,

opportunity for all,

individual freedom.

Our Mission

We see the world through a lens of faith that informs our values and compels us to lift others up. The Resolute Group was founded to boldly join the fight alongside our fearless clients. We help them hit their mark.

Our Character


We are unwavering
in our purpose


We let our work
speak for itself


We are hungry for
the fight


We act with
thoughtful precision


We are unafraid


We conduct ourselves
with integrity


We push on
through setbacks

Our Team

George Khalaf


George serves as President of Data Orbital and Managing Partner of The Resolute Group. For the last decade he has leveraged his political instincts, data expertise and strategic relationships to advance conservative clients and causes throughout Arizona and a growing number of states. He believes conservative policies create thriving communities and wants to arm conservative candidates and organizations with the best data, messaging, and strategy.

With a strong grassroots and data background, George has worked at the local, state and national levels. Under George’s leadership, Data Orbital is a top ranked survey research and data visualization firm that is known for its accuracy and transparency. Data Orbital was the most accurate firm that polled Arizona political races and is top rated by FiveThirtyEight. Data Orbital’s survey research has been featured in top news outlets and publications such as The Washington Post, Politico, The Hill, NBC News, Fox News, Fox Business, The Arizona Republic, LA Times and others.

As managing partner of The Resolute Group, he led the effort to keep the Arizona legislature conservative, playing in the most contentious districts and races across the state. He advises conservative candidates and organizations across the country on strategy. The firm is building a reputation for taking on and leaning into the toughest fights. They aim to shape the landscape, not merely exist in it.

George’s engagement is driven by his personal faith and his Lebanese heritage. He knows firsthand the price of freedom and the importance of protecting our core values and Constitutional rights. In addition to his domestic political work, George is engaged in efforts to advance democracy and prosperity in Lebanon and lift up the Lebanese people both in the United States and in Lebanon.

George graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, George currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.  When he is not tracking local and national political developments and advising clients, George enjoys traveling with his family and spending time with his two boys.

Joanna De La Cruz


Joanna De La Cruz is Co-Founder and Partner at The Resolute Group. She has a background in marketing and nonprofit pro-life work which led her to Data Orbital and co-founding the Resolute Group. She is passionate about winning the hard fights and taking conservative candidates and organizations to the next level by offering the best in strategy and messaging. The issues of life and religious freedom motivate and guide her work. Joanna is a graduate of the American Enterprise Institute Millennial Cohort, and the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series. When she is not managing projects, writing messaging, or media training, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, soaking in rainy days, and taking long walks. Joanna lives in Phoenix with her husband Josh. She strives to live by the adage, “Do what is right, not what is easy.”

Josiah Duka


Josiah Duka is currently Design Director at The Resolute Group and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Huntington University. Prior to his role at The Resolute Group, he worked in freelance and agency graphic design roles for the last eight years. At his current role, he is passionate about the impact that design and messaging have in changing the currents of public opinion and creating a compelling visual message for candidates and causes that are important to him. He has also earned ADDY Awards for brand and marketing design. Josiah was born in Sacramento, CA but was raised in Phoenix, AZ with his parents and four siblings where he still currently resides. When he is not hard at work designing, he enjoys biking, ice-skating, and painting. His favorite quote that he lives by is “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry a French writer and poet.

Keeley Ostlind


Keeley Ostlind graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Politics from Eastern Washington University. She is currently a Client Experience Lead at The Resolute Group and has had experience as a field organizer for a U.S. Representative in Washington and also as a fundraising consultant at a political consulting firm in Nevada. She grew up in Washington State but currently resides in Phoenix with her husband where she enjoys running and baking in her spare time. If you asked her for a book suggestion she would recommend “Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger or “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

Bryan Stephens


Bryan Stephens graduated with an M.A. in Biblical Studies (New Testament) at McMaster Divinity College and a B.A. in Biblical Languages and Exegesis at Arizona Christian University. He is currently a Content Lead at The Resolute Group. He enjoys this role because he gets to write about something he is passionate about and see his work affect the world for the better. He married his best friend Nicole in 2017 and they have a black lab-German shepherd mix named Pepper. In his spare time, he enjoys playing volleyball, backpacking, cooking, and playing bass guitar. He wants others to know that failure isn’t the alternative to success—it is the path and the steppingstones to it.

Malachi Herman


Malachi Herman graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Government, with an emphasis in Legal Studies from Grand Canyon University. He is currently an Executive Assistant at The Resolute Group and Data Orbital and has had experience canvassing for the Republican Party in LD20 during the 2020 election period where he met various individuals who helped him gain an understanding of the political landscape. His family is from the Caribbean Island St. Lucia, but he currently resides in Arizona with his immediate family who moved with him. In his spare time, he enjoys watching anime, reading manga, watching sports, and painting. His favorite quote he lives by is “The top is reached by striving”.

2021 Regional
Pollie Award Winner

Regional Candidate Division Website for State Legislature - AAPC Central Region